Career Information

Careers Education, Information and Guidance is an essential part of helping our young people grow and mature into confident young adults. Having an aim or idea (no matter how vague) about what you want to be or do in the future is really important motivator for any stage of life, however even more so for our students.  As such, we run a number of initiatives, events and strategies to support our students to make informed decisions about their future. We are working towards achieving the Gatsby benchmarks fully by 2020; a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The following is a selection of some of the activities we have offered. Further details of our careers programme can be found in the policy statement below.

  • Independent advice and guidance to all Year 11 and students in Year 9 who would benefit from this.
  • A well-resourced careers Library
  • Our own enterprise and careers ambassador, currently employed by SABIC on ICI Wilton.
  • Year 10 receive six sessions with a range of external employers as part of the ESH Group’s building my skills program.
  • Presentations by local colleges in school for KS4.
  • Information about colleges and open evenings is shared and the colleges attend most parents’ evenings.
  • Awareness raising of National Apprenticeship Week.
  • KS3 BBC Bitesize creative careers panel show.
  • Scholars Program (raising the aspiration of attending University) for Year 9.
  • STEM mentor from RTC North (one of Europe’s leading technology transfer companies) for Year 9.
  • Year 9 undertake work experience and volunteering as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.
  • Year 8 students each take a day to act as the student receptionist – providing the opportunity to gain an understanding of a working day in an administrative capacity.
  • Whilst we have not offered work experience, we are hoping to offer some limited places shortly, with Year 10 undertaking work experience by 2020.

More information about our programme, how we measure and assess its impact on our students and when we are due to review the information can be found via the following link:

Policy Statement on Provider Access and Careers Guidance.

Mr Henderson oversees Careers. He can be contacted via [email protected] / 01287 621010

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