More Able/Gifted & Talented


At Huntcliff School we recognise students as More Able or Gifted & Talented for a range of reasons.

We classify The More Able students as students who scored more than 110 on average across their KS2 tests (from 2016) or who achieved the highest average SAT results (pre 2016) across their cohort. Some students in KS4 were also identified as a result of MIDYIS testing. Those recognised as being in the top 5-10% nationally were also added to the list.
In addition, Gifted and Talented students are identified within subjects through internal testing and subject nominations. Parents/carers are informed at the start of Year 7, if their child has been identified as More able. Individual subjects choose how to inform parents/carers if a child is considered Gifted & Talented in their subject, however this information is primarily used to inform planning for progress and to ensure that particularly talented students in a subject are fully stretched. Subject nominations are regularly reviewed, whilst those identified as More Able remain on the Gifted & Talented register throughout their time at Huntcliff. Where students are set by ability, staff are encouraged to identify students who are relatively Gifted & Talented within the group they teach.

Staff take the needs of these students seriously through provision of challenging activities within and beyond the classroom. Feedback is sought annually from a proportion of More Able / Gifted & Talented students; the information gained is used to inform staff about their needs and concerns and to develop an even more stimulating and challenging learning environment.

We continually offer an extensive range of internal and external opportunities for these particular students as part of their personal and educational development. Programmes and projects that have occurred in previous years include University visits (including Oxford visits), working with an artist in residence, taking part in the annual BBC School News Report, visits by writers and poets, competing in Mock Trials, and Science Club. The Brilliant Club – which links students with Durham University – is now an established part of our provision for students in Year 9. We aim to give these students opportunities and our staff focus to ensure they make maximum progress.

This area is led by Mr Rees with the help of another designated teacher who collaborates cross-campus with Saltburn Primary School Teacher, Mrs Hambley.