Our  main supplier is Trutex

We have high expectations of our students and feel a smart, professional and business like uniform is appropriate, allowing the student body to have pride in their appearance and the image they present of the school to the community and others.

Basic expectations
> A blazer worn at all times while moving around the school. Students will be able to remove it with permission from staff once working in classrooms.
> The school tie worn at all times, and must reach the waistband of trousers/skirt when tied with a sensible narrow knot. Large loose knots not permitted. Ties should be worn directly over the top button of the shirt. Clip-on ties are available for those who genuinely have physical difficulty tying a tie.
> Plain white conventional school shirt must be worn by all students; free of branding, tucked in at the waist and have all buttons fastened.
> Trousers are dark grey; straight or boot cut and fall away from the knee (must not be skin tight); have a flair at the ankle of at least 3cm. Trousers must not be fashion items such as jeans, jean style, linen, skinny fit, leggings etc or include branding, accessories, brightly coloured zips. If a belt is worn it must be plain black or grey.
> Skirts are dark grey and pleated; must be worn as knee length (i.e. not above the knee cap when standing); must not be fashion items including branding, accessories, zips, etc. If tights are worn they can be black, grey or nude but must be no more than 60 denier and plain, without any patterning. Tights must cover the foot, and as such not be leggings. If no tights are worn, then plain, white ankle socks must be worn (below the calf).
> Jumpers are optional. If worn they must be plain, dark grey, v-neck and knitted (not sweatshirt) and be free from branding and accessories.
> Shoes should be flat, plain and completely black. No trainers/trainer style, including plimsolls, canvas shoes and skate style shoes. As a guide they should be able to be polished.

Guidance for parents/carers
Many shops and students will try and encourage parents/carers that certain styles of trousers, skirts and particularly footwear are acceptable as school shoes. Please read our expectations carefully, rather than being influenced by shops and/or your children.
In the summer, when the weather gets too warm, the Head of School will make a decision to inform all students that blazers can be removed for comfort. This will be reviewed on a daily basis.

Please find the Trutex brochure by clicking here