Teaching and Learning is at the heart of the school and fuels our drive to create excellence. Students receive the broad and balanced education; experiencing a variety of styles that ensure lessons are enjoyable. Students of all abilities achieve success and are provided with a range of opportunities to contribute to their learning. Teaching is arranged to ensure all students make very good progress.

Homework is an integral part of the learning process and we value the support that parents/carers can give by taking an interest in their child’s work and encouraging them to complete it to a high standard; and there are also many websites providing valuable educational resources. We offer students the chance to complete their homework in a safe and supportive learning environment at Homework Club, which takes place twice daily.

In Year 9, students are organised into 3 pathways to support their option choices. Our pathways are named after the famous ships in which Captain James Cook sailed away from the North Yorkshire coast at the beginning of his expeditions to make great discoveries and change the world. Our aspiration for our Key Stage 4 students is that their Key Stage 4 curriculum gives them tools and opportunities to do the same. The pathways are based on prior attainment, academic achievement and potential career direction. However, we recognise that students’ ability in some subjects is not related to academic achievement or prior performance and believe we have created a pathway system that encourages both academic achievement and creativity for them.
More information about Year 9 options for GCSE courses for can be found on our Year 9 Options page.

Our GCSE and equivalent exams are determined by the needs of our students and with a focus on preparing them for the future. Students must take the core subjects required nationally; these are GCSE English language & literature, maths, science as well as the non-examined subjects of PE and RPE (Religion, Philosophy & Ethics). Students also have personal, social, health, citizenship education (PSHCE) and careers and work related learning delivered throughout the year.

The subjects we offer at Key Stage 4 are:
GCSE – art, drama, English Language, English Literature, geography, graphic products, history, maths, music, photography (from 2019), science, Spanish and textiles.
GCSE Equivalents – BTEC engineering; food, hospitality & catering NCFE; ICT BTEC (from 2019), OCR Creative I Media (from 2021); BTEC sport.

There is a particular focus in Year 10 on preparation for the world of work when students enjoy meeting local members of industry and commerce, prepare their CV and experience a formal interview.

The new grading scale, which was introduced in August 2017, runs from 9 – 1 instead of A* – G, with 9 the highest grade. For more information please visit Government Website – New GCSEs.

Like Skills for all students encourages the development of study skills, social skills, self-awareness, responsibility and consideration for others; it is offered through dedicated days throughout the year.

For more information about the curriculum we are following please contact Mr Rees.