Year 9 Options

All students have to study the core subjects required nationally: English Language and Literature; Maths; Science; PE; and RPE, plus 4 optional subjects. Students also have personal, social, health, citizenship education and careers and work related learning delivered throughout the year in themed days and activities, such as Life Skills Days.

Which option subjects?
Year 9 is organised into 3 pathways to support students’ option choices. Our pathways are named after the famous ships in which Captain James Cook sailed away from the North Yorkshire coast at the beginnings of his expeditions to make great discoveries and change the world. Our aspiration for our KS4 students is that their curriculum gives them tools and opportunities to do the same. The pathways are based on prior attainment, academic achievement and potential career direction. However, we recognise that ability in some subjects is not related to academic achievement or prior performance and believe we have created a pathway system that encourages both academic achievement and creativity for our students. Students will be mentored following their option selection to ensure that they are embarking on a KS4 curriculum that will allow them to be both challenged and successful.

Options timeline
January – Options assemblies presented by subject leaders informing students about their subjects at KS4; Life Skills lesson covering the options process and a self study booklet on student skills review. A pack is taken home containing a letter, pathway, options booklet and return form.
February – Parents/carers and students attend the Year 9 parents/options information evening; students submit option choice forms to tutors by a particular deadline; completed option choice forms are looked over carefully and analysed; option blocks and an initial timetable is produced to allow as many students as possible to get their first four choices; choices are checked and students are mentored. Some additional communication with home may be required. Some students may not get all of their options and may need a reserve subject. Occasionally a student may be allowed to take a subject in an alternative pathway after discussion or guided away from an initial choice.
March – Options choices are confirmed and communicated in writing to parents/carers.
Easter – The options process is usually completed by this point and a new whole school timetable starts in the summer term; at this point Year 9 will begin their KS4 studies.

For more information about Options and the Curriculum please contact Mr Henderson.

Please CLICK HERE to access the 2019 Year 9 Options Booklet.
Please CLICK HERE for the 2019 Year 9 Options form.

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