Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 comprises Years 3 to 6.
Please see below the current Curriculum Matrices, which outline the curriculum for Years 3-6, including the long term planning that our teachers have developed. Whole school we use Big Cat Reading Scheme supplemented by the Oxford Reading Tree and Dandelion Readers.
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What do our downloads mean?

  • Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria: Subject criteria for science and foundation subjects in a single grid. This makes it easy to see the breadth of coverage for the year at a glance. Each class covers all statements throughout the year in an agreed order to make the most of seasonal opportunities.
  • Medium term overview: A map of each statements the classes will be covering, taken from the ‘Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria’ document. We aim to cover the full breadth of the curriculum while providing pupils with an opportunity to draw clear, cross-curricular links in their learning, with each year group having a termly lead subject and topic theme. The other subjects are taught linked to this theme where appropriate, while a minority of subjects continue to be taught discretely out of necessity (e.g. PE).
  • Maths Curriculum Criteria: Provides a detailed overview of what is expected of each pupil using statements taken from the national curriculum; also giving an overview of the order in which statements will be taught. This order has been planned to ensure that base skills in number are developed at the earliest opportunity to give a strong, foundation of core principles and skills on which all other mathematical concepts hinge.
  • Writing Curriculum Criteria: Provides an overview as to demands of the national curriculum in writing. It is expected that each pupil will gradually develop and demonstrate these skills as the year progresses.

Year 3:
Y3 Maths Curriculum Criteria
Y3 Writing Curriculum Criteria
Y3 Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria
Y3 Medium Term Overview – autumn term

Year 4:
Y4 Maths Curriculum Criteria
Y4 Writing Curriculum Criteria
Y4 Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria
Y4 Medium Term Overview – autumn term

Year 5:
Y5 Maths Curriculum Criteria
Y5 Writing Curriculum Criteria
Y5 Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria
Y5 Medium Term Overview – autumn term

Year 6:
Y6 Maths Curriculum Criteria
Y6 Writing Curriculum Criteria
Y6 Afternoon Curriculum Subject Criteria
Y6 Medium Term Overview – autumn term

Outline of our afternoon curriculum Year 1-6 2018-19
Outline of our writing curriculum Year 1-6 2017-2018
Saltburn Primary School Writing Process – 2017-18
Saltburn Primary School Reading Process – 2017-18
Saltburn Primary School Maths Process – 2017-18
Saltburn Primary School Maths Calculation Progress Policy
Outline of Key Stage 2 language curriculum 2017-2018