Physical Education

The health benefits of regular physical activity are substantial; improving health and well-being and increasing activity levels.

As a school we play a pivotal role in providing opportunities for pupils to undertake regular physical activity to improve health and wellbeing and increase activity levels. We meet the targets that ‘PE, School Sport and Club Links’ (PESSCL) recommends, that children partake in a minimum of 2 hours high quality Physical Education in addition to 60 minutes of at moderate physical activity each day.

We promote healthy and active lifestyles in our pupils through high quality PE lessons, structures break times and extracurricular activities. High quality equipment is utilised during these times, as well as the modern campus facilities, such as the shared sports hall, our primary school hall and outside areas such as the playground, games court and field.

We place a high value on purposeful physical activity that can promote further participation beyond school life and we provide a wide range of opportunities that can promote overall school unity and forge links with the wider community. Teachers, pupils and parents can find mutual satisfaction in the success of individuals, teams and the school as a whole.

We raise the profile of physical activity throughout the school and encourage cross curricular links, as well monitor pupils’ level of involvement inside and outside of school. Huntcliff School’s Year 11 Sports Leaders assist with various physical activities too, where they are given the chance to work on their own practical coaching skills, gain responsibility and confidence and share good practice with younger learners.

The delivery of our PE objectives is outlined below:

  • Each year group is timetabled a morning or afternoon for both indoor and outdoor PE: 4 ½ hours in total
  • Additional physical activity time is provided through structured play, targeted out of school clubs and additional swimming time for Year 2, 3 and 4
  • Provision for PE follows the QCA units of work
  • PE lessons cover the core themes of the national curriculum; dance, gymnastics, striking and fielding games, invasion games, net and wall Games, athletics, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities
  • Teachers’ medium term and lesson planning is adapted, with guidance from the PE Coordinator, from the LCP scheme of work and supplemented by other schemes including Rawmarsh DanceRawmarsh Gymnastics and TOPS activity cards.
  • Cross curricular links are identified within the LCP Schemes of work, for example Year 4, Unit 8 & 9: Life on the Nile Dance
  • Gifted and Talented pupils are identified by class teacher and passed to Coordinator

For information about our PE premium spending please see the following outline PE & Sports Premium section.

More more information about the PE curriculum, please contact Mrs Sawdon.